Latest Recipes

Pan Seared Venison Backstraps with Mushroom Risotto and Asparagus

It’s always a treat when we get venison on our table, and especially when it is the prized backstraps. I have to thank my good friend Aaron for this wonderful gift. It took me a…

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Peach Cobbler + Wonton Cup Appetizers

Nothing really quite says southern like a nice juicy peach. This iconic southern dessert is probably my all time favorite, and it is really simple to make. For this recipe I use canned peaches (for…

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Fried Okra with Habanero Mustard Sauce

Originating from Africa, okra is a strange delicacy that is related to cotton and hibiscus. It can be a fruitful plant, especially in warmer growing climates. Many people shy away from okra because of its…

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Latest DIY

Homestead Concept Designing with Chief Architect – Part 1

I came across Chief Architect Software when I was looking around for a program to design blueprints. I tried several free programs online and some trial versions of others. Nothing seems to give me exactly…

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Bottling Kombucha

Bottling Kombucha helps build up the the carbon dioxide produced during this second fermentation cycle giving your kombucha that fizzy effervescence it is known for. When bottling you need to have enough sugar still renaming…

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Flavoring Kombucha

You have a fresh batch of Kombucha, now what? Once your Kombucha has finished fermenting and you have removed the SCOBY. Your kombucha can be enjoy unflavored or you can flavor it many different ways…

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Latest Forging Tips

Gathering and Drying Rose Hips

The past few days have been cold and frigid in PA, today warmed up to 50 so I made the most of it and took a hike. While I was out I came across some…

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Latest Stories

Take 2 – Video Editors

I installed several open-source and free video editing programs to see which one had the best features, and had an easy learning curve. The two runner ups that had the most promise were OpenShot Video…

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Take 1 – The Struggle of Content Creation

The past two days have been a struggle. The kiddo and I set-up to shoot the first video for Road to Homesteading. With my background in graphic design and web development, I thought this would…

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A Fall Stroll

The leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler. We decided to enjoy the sunny day, and took a stroll along one of the creeks here in Southwestern, PA. I am still playing around…

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